Vehicle Lighting Products: Supply and Installation

Gibson’s Window Tinting in Warwick provide professional installation of STEDI vehicle lighting products for cars, farming equipment, construction equipment and camping. STEDI are an industry leader in vehicle lighting, and their lights use cutting-edge technology to provide high intensity lighting and beam length with minimal power consumption. Gibson’s Window Tinting are experienced installers of all STEDI products and will have your new lighting installed to your vehicle correctly and as per manufacturer’s specifications to ensure its longevity.

All STEDI lighting comes with a minimum 24-month warranty, with LED light bars receiving a five-year warranty for extra peace of mind. Please give us a call to enquire about our range of STEDI lighting products and to organise installation on your vehicle.

Light Bars, Work Lights and Spot Lights:

Suitable for cars, trucks, farming and heavy machinery, STEDI’s range of driving lights and work lights are built to be dust, shock and moisture resistant. We stock and install the entire STEDI range, developed with cutting-edge lighting technology for maximum lighting intensity with minimal power consumption.

STEDI’s range of vehicle lighting includes:

  • Spot Lights
  • Light Bars
  • Flood Lights
  • Work Lights

The extensive range of STEDI lights includes models suited for different budgets and applications. Our small team of installation technicians are experienced with all the models and features of STEDI lights, so why not swing by our workshop if you’re unsure of what model of light would suit your vehicle and intended usage, and we’ll give you some handy advice to help you decide.

Increased Safety:

If you’re someone who regularly drives on poorly-lit rural highways at night, which is a way of life for most of us in Warwick, having a light bar can be the difference between avoiding and hitting an object or animal lingering in the distance. Our range of STEDI lightbars shine between 250m – 950m ahead, depending on the model. Compare this with the standard high beam range of about 125m and you’ll understand why having a greater range is vital for stopping distances on rural roads.

As most modern 4x4s weigh at least 2 tonnes, the stopping distance for these cars can be significantly more than the standard car, depending on the quality of tyres and brakes, and driver reaction time. If you’re driving at 100km/h with a reaction time of 1.5 seconds, your car could very nearly approach or exceed 200 metres stopping distance. To improve your chance of crash survival for you and your family, you can’t go past the reliable STEDI lightbars.

Vehicle Lighting Installation:

Get in touch to discuss our range of vehicle lighting and arrange a quote for your car, truck or tractor. Call 07 4661 5632.

Vehicle Accessories for Fleets and Dealerships

Gibson’s Window Tinting supply and install vehicle accessories including the entire range of FlexiGlass trays, canopies and tray lids for dealerships and fleet fit-outs. Our team of professional technicians work quickly to meet deadlines for fleet delivery and can have your fleet vehicles equipped with high quality utility and lighting equipment from FlexiGlass and STEDI to make work for your employees much easier and safer.

To get an idea of exactly how our range of canopies and trays will look on any new ute, check out the FlexiGlass ‘Fit My Vehicle’ application. All FlexiGlass canopies and trays come with a 24-month warranty, with five and two-year warranties for STEDI light bars and work lights, respectively. Please give us a call for a quick quote on our range of FlexiGlass trays, canopies, tray lids and rubber tray mats.

Canopy Options:

FlexiGlass, our supplier of canopies and trays, has realised the demand for greater customisation of canopies for fleet and individual usage. All canopies can come in either white, or a colour-coded finish to match the stock OEM finish of the vehicle and can come fitted out with a range of customisation options made for the tradie in mind. Both fleets and individual buyers will love the standard features that come with our FlexiGlass canopy, including:

  • Range of windowed and large-access door designs
  • Integrated brake light
  • LED interior lights
  • Choice of slide or lift windows with reinforced gas struts
  • Optional mesh, vents, toolboxes, rope rails and rear spoilers
  • Colour coded finish

We can tint your canopy windows (if equipped), including logo and pattern frosting for your rear canopy window, allowing you to showcase your branding with no-maintenance advertising! All our vehicle tinting comes with a lifetime warranty.

Tray Options:

Choosing an aluminium tray not only cuts the initial outlay cost over a steel tray, but also provides your workforce with a durable, work-ready tray. Unlike steel trays, aluminium trays are non-corrosive and don’t need to be painted or maintained, making them great for water tank usage. Standard features of the FlexiGlass range of aluminium trays include:

  • Self-draining tray design
  • Alloy-mesh safety headboard with thick tubing
  • Over-centre latches
  • Optional toolboxes and drawers
  • Optional rubber tray mats made to size

We’ve also got an extensive range of colour-coded Tray Lids suitable for utes with style-sides rather than metal utility trays. Tray lids are equipped with with LED lighting, easy-lift gas struts and double key locks fitted as standard.

Vehicle Lighting:

Do your fleet vehicles require extra lighting for poorly lit roads? We stock the entire range of STEDI lightbars, spotlights and work lights to provide high intensity lighting and beam distance with low energy consumption. Call us for more information on our range of lighting upgrades for dealership and fleet vehicles.

Vehicle Accessories for Fleets and Dealerships

Get in touch to organise a quote for any of our vehicle accessories and tinting services for your commercial fleet. Call 07 4661 5632.

Ute Canopies and Alloy Trays

Gibsons Window Tinting offer expert installation of aftermarket FlexiGlass ute canopies and alloy trays for tradies, fleets and car dealerships in Warwick. We provide an expert level of care when installing canopies, and quick installation times. Courtesy lifts to anywhere within Warwick are offered to our customers, and all FlexiGlass canopies we install come with a 24-month warranty. Please give us a call to learn about the options available for your vehicle and for a detailed quote on our FlexiGlass canopies.

Ute Canopies to Suit All Major Makes and Models:

Provided your tray isn’t non-standard, we’ve got canopies to suit all major makes and models of utes, available a in a wide range of colours. Along with our FlexiGlass canopies, we’ve got matching trays to suit. If you’d like to see exactly what your new canopy and tray combination will look like on your vehicle, FlexiGlass has an interactive web app to allow you to mix and match different options to help you decide.

The advantages of choosing a FlexiGlass ute canopy include:

  • Range of windowed and large-access door designs
  • Integrated brake light
  • LED interior lights
  • Choice of slide or lift windows with reinforced gas struts
  • Optional mesh, vents, toolboxes and rear spoiler
  • Alloy rope rails

Canopy Window Tinting:

If your canopy is colour-matched to your vehicle, why would you stop short of having the canopy windows tinted to match your car? Whether it’s an existing canopy you’ve got installed, or one of our FlexiGlass ones we’re installing for you, we can perform quick, easy and durable window tinting to match the rest of your vehicle. This also allows the items inside to not get too hot during the harsh Queensland Summer.

All vehicle window tinting comes with a lifetime warranty, and we can print logos and branding on the rear window of your canopy seamlessly at your request.

Alloy Trays:

We’ve also got aftermarket alloy trays to suit your existing style-side if you’d prefer a hard lid over a rubber tonneau cover or canopy. Our lids are also supplied by FlexiGlass, who can manufacture your lid to suit any manufacturer colour code so that your new lid will match the colour perfectly.

Standard features include:

  • Twin key locks
  • Gas struts
  • Lightweight design
  • LED interior light
  • Optional hump for sports utes
  • Optional toolboxes
  • Optional 3-piece design with sports bar on some models

Ute Canopies and Alloy Trays:

Get in touch to request a quote for our range of FlexiGlass ute canopies and alloy trays. Call Gibson’s Window Tinting on 07 4661 5632.

Ute Tray Installation in Warwick

Gibson’s Window Tinting Warwick provide affordable ute tray and lid solutions, made from high-quality, non-corrosive aluminium to suit all makes and models. We source our aluminium trays from FlexiGlass, Australia’s number one choice for quality tray solutions that don’t compromise on quality. We can fit your new tray to your vehicle quickly and provide a courtesy lift to anywhere within Warwick while we complete it. Please give us a call for more information about our tray options and a detailed quote for your vehicle.

Why Choose an Aluminium FlexiGlass Ute Tray?

In addition to their low-cost, aluminium trays are a great alternative to steel in that they don’t corrode as easily, making them great for 4×4 enthusiasts that carry water tanks. Our FlexiGlass aluminium trays are made from high-quality aluminium to stand the test of time in harsh Aussie conditions.

Advantages over a steel ute tray include:

  • Light-weight for better fuel economy and load capacity
  • Less corrosive
  • Less expensive
  • No need to paint or maintain
  • Optional matching ute lids or canopy

Our FlexiGlass offer standard features over other aluminium tray manufacturers, including a self-draining deck, alloy mesh safety headboard with thick tubing, over-centre latches, optional toolboxes and drawers, and a two-year warranty.

Ute Trays to Suit Any Vehicle, New or Old:

We can source and install high-quality aluminium trays from FlexiGlass in a wide range of colours to suit any make and model of vehicle. Also available are a range of durable FlexiGlass ute canopies that suit our tray perfectly. Check out FlexiGlass’ interactive web application, allowing you to see exactly what your new tray and canopy combination will look like on your vehicle. If you’ve got an existing tray or style-side, we can remove them in-house before installing your new tray. Also available are aftermarket tray lids for those who’d prefer a hard cover over a rubber tonneau cover or canopy.

Dealerships & Fleets:

Choosing an aluminium tray allows for a cheaper outlay cost per unit over the equivalent steel tray. We can provide quick over-the-phone quotes for vehicles that have been optioned to fit trays, and have the vehicle fitted quickly with a high-quality tray built to last. Additionally, we can option in a FlexiGlass canopy in any colour you or your customer would like to suit.

Rubber Ute Tray Mats:

Having a rubber tray mat installed in your new aluminium tray allows for greater durability, ensuring your tray doesn’t get scuffed after long days on the work-site. For those intending to hold onto their utes for a while, having a rubber mat can make all the difference in terms of durability over a steel tray, as well as improve future re-sale value.

Request a Ute Tray Quote

Get in touch to request a quote for the installation of a new ute tray on your vehicle. Call Gibson’s Window Tinting on 07 4661 5632.