Vehicle Accessories for Fleets and Dealerships

Gibson’s Window Tinting supply and install vehicle accessories including the entire range of FlexiGlass trays, canopies and tray lids for dealerships and fleet fit-outs. Our team of professional technicians work quickly to meet deadlines for fleet delivery and can have your fleet vehicles equipped with high quality utility and lighting equipment from FlexiGlass and STEDI to make work for your employees much easier and safer.

To get an idea of exactly how our range of canopies and trays will look on any new ute, check out the FlexiGlass ‘Fit My Vehicle’ application. All FlexiGlass canopies and trays come with a 24-month warranty, with five and two-year warranties for STEDI light bars and work lights, respectively. Please give us a call for a quick quote on our range of FlexiGlass trays, canopies, tray lids and rubber tray mats.

Canopy Options:

FlexiGlass, our supplier of canopies and trays, has realised the demand for greater customisation of canopies for fleet and individual usage. All canopies can come in either white, or a colour-coded finish to match the stock OEM finish of the vehicle and can come fitted out with a range of customisation options made for the tradie in mind. Both fleets and individual buyers will love the standard features that come with our FlexiGlass canopy, including:

  • Range of windowed and large-access door designs
  • Integrated brake light
  • LED interior lights
  • Choice of slide or lift windows with reinforced gas struts
  • Optional mesh, vents, toolboxes, rope rails and rear spoilers
  • Colour coded finish

We can tint your canopy windows (if equipped), including logo and pattern frosting for your rear canopy window, allowing you to showcase your branding with no-maintenance advertising! All our vehicle tinting comes with a lifetime warranty.

Tray Options:

Choosing an aluminium tray not only cuts the initial outlay cost over a steel tray, but also provides your workforce with a durable, work-ready tray. Unlike steel trays, aluminium trays are non-corrosive and don’t need to be painted or maintained, making them great for water tank usage. Standard features of the FlexiGlass range of aluminium trays include:

  • Self-draining tray design
  • Alloy-mesh safety headboard with thick tubing
  • Over-centre latches
  • Optional toolboxes and drawers
  • Optional rubber tray mats made to size

We’ve also got an extensive range of colour-coded Tray Lids suitable for utes with style-sides rather than metal utility trays. Tray lids are equipped with with LED lighting, easy-lift gas struts and double key locks fitted as standard.

Vehicle Lighting:

Do your fleet vehicles require extra lighting for poorly lit roads? We stock the entire range of STEDI lightbars, spotlights and work lights to provide high intensity lighting and beam distance with low energy consumption. Call us for more information on our range of lighting upgrades for dealership and fleet vehicles.

Vehicle Accessories for Fleets and Dealerships

Get in touch to organise a quote for any of our vehicle accessories and tinting services for your commercial fleet. Call 07 4661 5632.